The Sign, April 1927

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Easter: The Meaning to Us of Christ’s Resurrection

… Father Harold Purcell, C.P.

Current Fact and Comment: The Risen Christ-The Chief Cause Omitted

-Pre Nuptial Promises- Literature for Rural Missions

-Archbishop Canevin-Disintegrating Protestantism

-Prayers for the Dead.

Cross and Tomb: The Appeal of Jesus Crucified… Francis Shea, C.P.

The Atrium: Ninth Chapter in the Highway of the Cross

… Placid Wareing, C.P.

Categorica: Set Forth in News and Opinion… N. M. Law

Do Converts Deteriorate: Prejudice Naturally Has Its Anticipations

The Sign Post

The Chicken Feud: No. 1 in a Story of the New Jersey Pines

… Marion Pharo Hilliard

A High Romance The Life of Father Fidelis of the Cross

… Catharine McPartlin

Between the Acts: An Actor Convert and His Conversion

… Richard Stoneleigh

Archconfraternity Comment

Moling: Satan Pays Tribute to a Saint… Cathal O’Byrne

A Son of the East: The Americanization of a Chinese Boy

… Edward F. Crowley

Our Junior Readers

The Passionists in China

Index to Worthwhile Books

By Such Sacrifices God’s Favor is Obtained