The Sign, April 1928

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Help Spread the Truth… Father Harold Purcell

Current Fact and Comment: The Living Christ

-Our Most Infamous Conspiracy-“A Measly $2.50 Hold Up”

– A Ministreal Enemy-Fascism Gone Mad

-A Kleagle Squeals-From Captain McCullagh.

A Royal Portrait… Enid Dinnis

“Constitutional” Mexico… Thomas F. Daly

Lawrence of the Virgin Mary… Dominic Callahan, C.P.

Judas… Angela Aiken

Categorica: As Set Forth in News and Opinions… N.M. Law

The 4 A… Edward Warren Joyce

The Border… Louis J. Walsh

St. Brendan’s of the Isle… J. Carson Miller

The Sign Post

The Light of the World… Francis Shea, C.P.

Archconfraternity Comment

Rustiquel the Rat Cather… Helen Parry Eden

A Rare Thing… E.M. Almedingen

Contentment… M.C. Kelley

Our Junior Readers

Index to Worthwhile Books

The Passionists in China