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Christ’s Great Missionary Command… Father Harold Purcell, C.P.

Current Fact and Comment: The Empty Tomb

-Bigotry in Harriman, N.Y.-Death Summons Archabbot Aurelius

-Human’s New Prefect-Passion Plays-Sisters in Human

-Christian Educaion.

Categorica… N.M. Law

The Red Blosom of France… Edythe Hellen Browne

Carthage Comes to Life… Joseph Holden

Communion… Rev. Charles Hugh Doyle

Retreats and the Lay Apostle… Edward Warren Joyce

Heaven Beyond the Pine Trees… Grace Keon

The Sign Post

The Levitical City… P.W. Browne, D.D., Ph. D.

The First Station… Matthew Richardson

Aunt Betsy Sees to It… Enid Dinnis

Clem Lewis’ Reparation… Charles F. Ferguson

The Sparrows… Eleanor Rogers Cox

The Sinless Sufferer… Francis Shea, C.P.

A Pledge… Leonora Arent

Pope and Maguire… E.J. Quigley

Index to Worthwhile Books

The Passionists in China  [For a pdf of the following four articles click on this link]

Marie V. Joyce, “The Martyrdom of the Three Passionists: How Like the Martyrdom of Jesus,” pp. 565-567.

Nicholas Schneiders, C.P., “New Year in China”, pp. 568-571.

Edward Joseph McCarthy, C.P, “Marriage in China: America’s Latest Fad-China’s Oldest Traditions,” pp. 571-572.

[For an abstract essay of the above three articles written by Ms. Nadia Wohlgemuth click on this link. There is a short introduction

For an historical summary by Ms. Nadia Wohlgemuth which includes content from April 1930 articles click on this link. It includes an introduction

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