Grant’s Tribute, by Ralph Woods

I Love My Farm, by James F. Kenney

St. Mike’s: Best of Two Worlds, by Milton Lomask

This Is the Holy Land, A Picture Story

Busiest Lady in France, by Robert Rigby

There Is No “White” Race, Interview with Dr. George F. Carter

7 Danger Signals in Marriage, by Msgr. George A. Kelly

Overprivileged Children, by Dr. Robert F. Odenwald

My Father’s Gamble, by Robert Cormier

The Sign’s New Look, by Ralph Gorman, C.P.

Current Fact and Comment

Stage and Screen, by Jerry Cotter

Violence or Gentleness for Children? by John P. Shanley


Abraham, Man of Faith, by Kilian McDonnell, O.S.B.


Poems for April

Woman to Woman, by Katherine Burton

Sign Post, by Adrian Lynch, C.P.

Gone to Fly His Kite, by Red Smith

Book Reviews