Serious Young Ladies with Candle and Rose, by Edward Wakin

Black Friends and Red Blood, by Thomas F. Doyle

Father Badin Saves a Life, by Ralph Woods

Doctor Smith and 300,000 Tribesmen, by Patricia Smith, M.D.

One Cuban vs. Castro, by David Finley

The Day Christ Fought for Peace, by Bennet Kelley, C.P.

The Day Spring Died, by Myles Connolly

These Are the Sacraments, A Picture Story

Where There’s Only One Parent, by Robert P. Odenwald, M.D.

The New Anti-Communists, by Ralph Gorman, C.P.

Current Fact and Comment

Stage and Screen, by Jerry Cotter

Close-up of the President’s News Conference, by John P. Shanley



The Brother of John, A Poem by Sean McMahon

Woman to Woman, by Katherine Burton

Fear of the Lord, by Robert W. Gleason, S.J.

Glorious Old Tiger, by Red Smith

Sign Post, by Fintan Lombard, C.P.

Book Reviews