The Paschal Mystery-1970 A.D.

Breaking Down Walls

From Cell To Ghetto, by Hellen Battle

Daddy, What Happens When We Die? by Christiane Brusselmans

Removing Old Debris

The Changing Catholic Teacher, by C. Albert Koob And Russell Shaw

Radicalism In The Religious Life, by Thomas F. O’Meara, O.P.

Waiting For A New World

Don’t Pamper Grandma And Grandpa, by Margaret Troutt

Grandparents Are Special People, by Edward Wakin

Calvary Is Where You Find It, by Augustine P. Hennessy, C.P.

Current Fact And Comment: Personal Dignity And The Paschal Mystery

Stage by Arthur Cavanaugh

Screen, by Jerry Cotter

Movies Tailor-Made For TV, by George Gent


Fugue, A Poem by Sister M. Therese, S.D.S.

Sign Post, by Cronan Regan, C.P.

Take Me To Your Bishop, by Thomas Heath, O.P.

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