The Sign, August 1926

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Current Fact and Comment: Our Lady’s Assumption

-The Many Missing Links-Our Democracy-What Casuistry Implies

-The Children’s Singing-Flaming Youth-Fascismo and Birth Control

-Ethical Culture-Mexico and the Soviets-Mother M. Alphonsus Lathrop

-The Limitations of Communism- China Today.

Reform… By John F. Campbell

Full Appreciation… By Jerome Harte Bosman

The Mystic Meditates… By J. Corson Miller

The Cenacle… By Placid Wareing, C. P.

Categorica… Edited by N. M. Law

Mysteries… By James J. Walsh, M. D., Ph. D.

A Prayer… By Amy Powers

Archconfraternity Comment

The Savior and The Sinner… By Norman Kelly, C. P.

The Sign Post

Famine… By Winifred Feely

Educationed… By Constance Edgerton

The Ancient Church of Ireland… By Donald Attwater

Soiled… By Will W. Whalen

The South… By Stephen Sweeney, C. P.

Scruples… By P. J. Gearon, 0. C. C.

Our Junior Readers… By Agnes MacCarthy Hickey

With the Passionists in China

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