The Sign, August 1927

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Tzen Twen Tzen

Current Fact and Comment: When Nations Sin

-The Quality Group-Legalized Polygamy-Other Flights

-Henry Ford Apologizes-The New Yorker-Mary: All Mother

-The Colombian Spirit-The Chinese Situation-A Catholic Science.

The Colosseum Cross… Gabriel Francis Powers

St. Laurence… J. Carson Miller

Categorica… N.M. Law

Americanism and Catholicism… John K. Sharpe

Archconfraternity Comment

Strings of Sand… H.L. Macnair

The Last Adventure Story… Jerome Harte Bosman

The Sign Post

Cain and Abel

One Thousand Miles… Princess Almedigen

Titulus Circuis… Dr. Francis Whitaker

Mexico… Charles N. Lischka

A Living Sacrifice… Francis Shea, C.P.

Winter Sunset… J. Carson Miller

The Preacher… Stanley B. James

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The Passionists in China

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