The Sign, August 1931

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Wanted: Subscribers Who Read… Harold Purcell, C.P.

Current Fact and Comment: Pope Pius Xi a Socialist?

-Solviet Rule in Spain?-Clerical Counsel for Clergymen

-The Basis of Christian Unity-Children in the Underworld

-Infidels in Protestant Pulpist-Mrs. Jean Norris “Judicially Unfit”

-Church Merger in a “Wide Room”

-Fides Intrepida Versus the Facist Program-Doctor Michael Possenti

-A Protestant Metropolitian Newspaper-Toasts Within the Month.

Categorica… N.M. Law

Mt. Vernon and Other Things in Paris… John Gibbions

King Henry VIII… Hilaire Belloc

The First Christian Bread Line… Franklin J. Kennedy

Shamus Goes Inside… Enid Dinnis

The Five Sorrowful Mysteries… Hugh F.X. Sharkey

The Canon Law of Marriage… Adrian Lynch, C.P.

Porous Plasters and Wooden Legs… Ig Nikilis

America: A Summary… G.K. Chesterton

Little Altars… Mary Gordon

The Ascetic… J. Carson Miller

When the Devil Holds the Stakes… Daniel B. Pulsford

The Sign Post

Historical Briefs on Bigotry… Valentine Hill

Roughly Speaking… Irving T. McDonald

Time for a Tombstone… Edward F. Murphy, S.S.J.

Mary’s Flower… Hugh F. Blunt, LL. D.

Has your Parish a Study Club?… Mary E. McGill

Magdalen’s Tears… Richard A. Welfle, S.J.

The Moving Holy Images… Gabriel Farncis Powers

Notes on New Books

The Passionists In China

Yuanchow Yields a Harvest… Theophane Maguire, C.P.

Yang Mei Saves Her Face… Basil Bauer, C.P.

China and the Church… Nicholas Schneiders, C.P.

Gemma’s League of Prayer