The Sign, August 1932 Volume 12 No 1.

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The Church and Disarmament… Harold Purcell, C.P.

Current Fact and Comment:

-The Irish President to the Papal Legate

-Not Cathedrals but the Faith

-Vast Growth of the Church in India

-Juvenile Crime and the Irreligious Home

-A Compliment and a Commendation

-American Citizens:Canonized or Not?

-What Hitlerism Stands For

-The Darkness is not Without Light

-The Return to Domestic Work-Toasts Within the Month.

Categorica… N.M. Law

Lewis: A Haberdasher Turned Theologian… E.S. Schwegler

Between Ourselves… Abbie Hargrave

A Magic Circle… Enid Dinnis

The Shadow of the Cross… Daniel B. Pulsford

Turn for Turn… Edmund Hill, C.P.

In “Medieval” Pittsburgh… John J. Gorrell

Playing With Names… Hugh T. Henry, Litt.D.

Woman and Naturalism… Albert F. Kaiser, C.PP.S.

The Sign Post: Questions and Communications

Nine Rules for Dealing With the Poor… Hilaire Belloc

Third Thoughts are the Best… G.K. Chesterton

The Holy Mass… Alexander MacDonald

Wealth of Poverty… Frances Marie Shannon

The Burning of Abbot Spiridion… William Canton

Nurse Twilight… Charles J. Quirk, S.J.

The Safety Post… John Gibbons

A Catholic Child’s Alphabet… Shanby Howe

Porous Plasters and Wooden Legs… Ig Nikilis

Catholic Youth Gets into Action… Francis P. LeBuffe, S.J.

Just Ireland… Robert Petrock

Notes on New Books

The Passionists in China [For a pdf of the following four articles click on the following link]

Sisters Lose Their Homes… Leo Berard, C.P. pp. 53-55.

Vacationing in Hunan… Nicholas Schneiders, C.P. pp. 55-59.

Told to a Troubled Flock… Dunstan Thomas, C.P. pp. 59-62.

[For an abstract essay of the above articles written by Ms. Sara Wynne. It includes an introduction. Click on this link

Gemma’s League of Prayer. p. 63