Healing The Troubled Mind, by Robert Dormer

The Valiant Lady Of Chant, by Paul Hume

When A Girl Needs A Friend, by Margaret Ecclesine

The Tv Padre Who Never Smiles, by Elsa Chaney

A Pilgrim For Life, A Sign Picture Story

Double Traitors, by Damian Reid, C.P.

That Dream, That Total Childhood, A Sign Picture Story

He Foresaw The Future, by Frank L. Remington

Aunt Rose’s Revenge, by Antonia White

Along Comes A Girl, by Harriet Shiek

Castro’s Threat To U. S., by Ralph Gorman, C.P.

Current Fact And Comment

Keep Your Hand On The Dial, by John P. Shanley

Stage And Screen, by Jerry Cotter


The Population Explosion Again, by Kilian McDonnell, O.S.B.

A Strange And Desert Place, A Poem by Sister M. Florian, O.S.F.

Tales Of The International Muscle Dance, by Red Smith

The Call, A Poem by Florence Harwood Stannard

Sign Post, by Adrian Lynch, C.P.

Woman To Woman, by Katherine Burton


Martyrs’ Shrine, A Poem by Leonard McCarthy, S.J.

Sibyl, A Poem by Virginia Earle

Book Reviews