Christmas Choice, by Patrick McDonough, C.P.

Current Fact And Comment:

Language And Lust, by Jerome Mangan, C.P.

Conflict For Conscience, by Christopher Collins, C.P.

A Christmas/Birthday Present, by Damian Towey, C.P.

Sign Post, by Salvatore Riccardi, C.P.

St. Bridget’s “Promises”

Withholding The Chalice


On Pilgrimage To Bethlehem, by Carroll Stuhlmueller, C.P.

World Without God, Amen, by Patrick McCarthy

Making Church Music, by Liz O’Connor

The Creche, A Story by E. R. Ramrath

On Twelfth Day, Fourteenth-Century Carol

The Prayer Of Feasting, by Edward M. Hays

Grass-Roots Church, by Edward Maron

The Good Samaritan Today, by Kosuke Koyama

Why Me, Lord? by Mary Sherry


“Ordinary People” And “Stardust Memories,” by Gabriel Moran

“The Fire And The Rose Are One,” by Mary Sullivan

Stocking Stuffers, by Janet Cassidy