Lincoln’s Faith In God, by Ralph Woods

What Is A Bishop? A Sign Picture Story

The Caller At The Vatican, by Andrew Boyle

The Monks And The Moslems, by Dom Placide Pernot, O.S.B.

Latin America’s Only Hope, Gary MacEoin Interviews Bishop Manuel Larrain

It Happened To Me, An Unwed Mother’s Own Story

The Sophisticated Scalawag, by Jerry Cotter

With A Flourish Of Trumpets, by Robert O’Hara, C.P.

Our Separated Brethren, by Ralph Gorman, C.P.

Current Fact And Comment

Perry Como’s Magic, by John P. Shanley

Stage And Screen, by Jerry Cotter


Substitutes For Faith, by Kilian McDonnell, O.S.B.


Sign Post, by Adrian Lynch, C.P.

Woman To Woman, by Katherine Burton

Yeasmith And Naysmith, by Red Smith

Book Reviews