The Price Of Being Human

Cost Of Commitment

Some Say Yes, by Frank McNulty

Justice Is A Personal Decision, by Robert C. Aldridge

Perils Of Parenthood

Paul Is A Busy Humanizer, by Sybil Nahrgang

Sandy Was Sick–Not Bad, by Leticia Drayton

Death, My Familiar, by Conchita Ryan Collins

Risks Of Decision

Education Of A Parent, by Mary Plutchak

When Promotions Cost Too Much, by Alex And Grace Wellington

King Liam, by Agnes Frances White

The Cost Of Being Human, by Augustine P. Hennessy, C.P.

Current Fact And Comment

Stage, by William Griffin

Screen, by Jerry Cotter

“Catholics,” by George Gent


Lothlorien, by Rosemary Haughton

To Start The Day, A Poem by Alberta Klemp

In The Eyes Of Others, A Poem by Valerie Greer

Sign Post, by Cronan Regan, C. P.

The Impulse To Destroy, A Review by Michael Brennan, C.P.

Book Reviews