The Sign, January 1923

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The New Leaf… Vaughn Devlin

Do We Catholics Know Our Schools?… Charles A. McMahon

The On – Coming Generation

Where Once Dwelt Martha and Mary… Pere Cyphrien Jourain, C.P.

The Very Rev. Fr. Fidelis, Passionist… James Kent Stone

The Christ – Thorn of Bethlehem… Georgina Pell Crutius

A New Foundation

The Labor Problem… Rev. R.A. McGowan

A Yule – Tide Carol… Matthew Kuebel

Current Fact and Comment

Saints and Sinners… Luis J. Colma, S.J.

The Appeal of Jesus Crucified

What do You Know About: The Church Year?

With the Junior Readers Of The Sign

With the Passionists in China

Missionary Work Among the Chinese

Index to Worthwhile Reading