The Sign, January 1924

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Current Fact and Comment: A.D. 1924-Why Catholics Are Not Wanted

-Getting Our Bearings-Fascism and the Church-Evolution and Faith

-The Prodigy of the Cross-The Issue of Bigotry

-Religion in Public Schools-Plain Chant a la Mode-The Peace Award.

A Dr. Cook Discovery… R.A.McGowan

The Sign… Lois Donovan

The Significance of National Catholic Press Sunday… Charles McMahon

Penitent: Apostle: Founder… Gabriel Francis Powers

Straight Talks on Marriage… Anslem Secor, C.P.

Hermit and Explorer… Cuthbert O’Gara

The Sign Post

Miss Watts… Earnest Oldmeadow

Raphael’s “Virgin Enthroned With Saints”… Eleanor Rogers Cox

The Passionists in Germany… Father Valentine, C.P.

The Appeal of Christ Crucified

Conformity of Christ Crucified

Junior Readers

With Passionists in China

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