The Sign, January 1927

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Current Fact and Comment: Today’s Horoscope-The Last Laugh

-Manning Is Amazed-The Faith of Our Mothers

-Bishop M. J. Hoban-The Mexican Crisis

-Mussolini and the Pope- Moscow in China.

The Cross: As Represented in the First Ages of the Christian Church

… By Gabriel Francis Powers

The Bonds of Christ… N. K.


The Sign Post

Archconfraternity Comment

L’Action Française… Denis Gwynn

The Word of the Cross… Francis Shea, C.P.

Laura Mulvaney Revolts… Jerome Hart Bosman

The Antonia… Placid Wareing, CP.

Lobsters and Souls… B. J. Murdoch

New Year’s Gifts… Sister Mary Benvenuta

Mere Marie Eugenie… Katherine Br�gy

The King’s Trouv�re… Hugh F. Blunt, LL.D.

Our Junior Readers

With the Passionists in China

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