The Sign, January 1931

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The Truth Still Wanted… Harold Purcell, C.P.

Current Fact and Comment: The Effort For Peace

-Good Will: Obstacles and Aids-Printed Smut

-Catholic Lay Action-Deport Them-The Methodist Board

-Russia The Anti-God.

Categorica… N.M. Law

The Kalendar of Shepards… G.C. Heseltine

The Turks at the Gates of Europe… J. Desmond Gleeson

Historical Criticism and the Catholic Church… Hilaire Belloc

It Happened in January… Fra Giovanni

My Card-Index on the Loose… John Gibbions

The Uninvited Host… Sister Mary Benvenuta, O.P.

The Sign Post: Questions and Answers

A Fifteenth Century Woman of Umbria… Gabriel Farncis Powers

Whom Christ Called a Fox… Daniel B. Pulsford

The Curtain Rises… Enid Dinnis

Give this Man Place… Hugh F. Blunt, LL. D.

Fra Ruffino and Fra Egdio… W. J. Nott

News on New Books

The Passionists in China

Father Antoine Goes to Hunan… Theophane Maguire, C.P.

The Martyrs of Korea… Dunstan Thomas, C.P.

Purchased Justice… Francis Flaherty, C.P.

Gemma’s League of Prayer