The Sign, January 1936

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Cardinal Hayes and Birth Control… Theophane Maguire, C.P.

Current Fact and Comment

Categorica… N.M. Law

Confraternity of Christianity Doctrine… Edwin V. O’Hara, D.D.

Change: For Better or Worse… G.K. Chesterton

Italy and the Vatican… Denis Gwynn

Economists on the Depression… John A. Ryan, D.D.

The Christian Killer… John Gibbons

Prayer – Poem… Edwin Litsey

Roman holiday – Story… Ernest Wiley

Woman to Woman… Katherine Burton

The Sign Post: Questions and Communications

Mexican Interlude… Frederick V. Williams

A Flame From the Desert… Hilaire Belloc

Hate – Poem… Iona Myers

The Passionists in China  [The following link provides a link to read the articles cited below by Fathers Griffiths and Vance]

[In 2022, Aidan Guarnuccio, an undergraduate at the University of Scranton wrote the following historical essay on Sign Magazine and China. You are invited to read a short introduction followed by his paper.]

Terror Over Yungshun… Bonaventure Girffiths, C.P. pp. 351-354.

Campaigning for Christ in Supu… Raphael Vance, C.P. pp. 354-356

[The following link offers a bibliographic review by Aidan Guarnuccio of the above two articles

Gemma’s League – Archconfraternity of the Passion  p. 357.

Science and the Supernatural… Arnold Lunn

Wisconson’s Student Chapel… John Wyngaard

Sauce for Ganders – Story… May Calhoun

From Catacombs to Cubanism… Victor Luhrs

Chorister – Poem… Mary FAbyan Windeatt

First Editions and the Catholic Book Buyer… J.G.E. Hopkins

Watch Ye Therefore – Poem… Shirley D. White

The Primacy of St. Peter… Joseph I. Schade, S.T.L.

Catholic Laymen of Action… Peter Guilday

The Red Judas – Serial Story… Douglas Newton

The Passion and the Poets… Daniel B. Pulsford

Notes on New Books