The Sign, July 1927

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Current Fact and Comment: The Heart-Rending Tragedy of Shenchow

-Rt. Rev. 3. J. O’Connor, D.D.-On the Wings of Prayer

-Rather Late Arrivals.

Maria Sarto. An Interview with the Sister of a Pope

… Gabriel Francis Powers

The New Dark Ages. Wherein the Barbarians May Again Triumph

… G. K. Chesterton

The Crown of Thorns… Pierce Oge

Categorica: As Set Forth in News and Opinions

… N. M. Law

Archconfraternity Comment

Pro Ecclesia et Pontice. A Fitting Epitaph for the Late Father

Felix Ward, C.P. … Frederic Pratt Arlsen

The Sign Post

Basil: The Hermit of the Pillar Meets a Herder of Geese

… William Canton

Hairdressers and Heaven… J. Desmond Gleeson

The Magnet of Hearts. The Appeal of Jesus Crucified

… Francis Shea, CF.

Who Was Dorcas? Something About an Apostolic Social Worker

… Sara Kountz Dietheim

The Prayer Meeting. No. 2 in The Passing of Puritanism

… Stanley B. James

Adam and Eve, From the Second and Third Chapters of Genesis

Counterfeit Catholicism.. Some Personal Experiences of

Episcopalian Vagaries… Grant Morgan

The Sepulchre. Twelfth Chapter in the Highway of the Cross

… Placid Wareing, C. P.

The Flowering Thorn… Sister Mary Benvenuta. O.P.

Queer Street. Where Folks are Mostly Going Down… Beatrice Barry

The Beatitudes… Eleanor Rogers

Our Junior Readers

The Passionists in China

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