The Sign, July 1928

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For Cheaper Catholic Books… Father Harold Purcell, C.P.

Current Fact and Comment: The Paulists:1858 – 1928

-Our Teaching-A Premature Obituary-Hardy the Morbid

-A Deserved Honor-Church Membership.


The Holy Shroud of Cadouin… Dr. Francis Whitaker

The Man With a Crutch… Robert Petrock

A Sinner Can Atone… Jerome Harte Bosman

The Sign Post

Joyce Kilmer: 1918-1928… Raoul Fouillard

The Madonna of the Shop… Ehtel King

Healthful Eating… Betty Barclay

Electing a President – Political Parties… A.J. Reilly

Git Yer Own Soap Box… Frederick R. Ferguson

New Wonders… Catherine M. Bresnan

Conversion and After… E.M. Almedingen

Stolen Property… James B. Yelants

Our Junior Readers

Index to Worthwhile Reading

The Passionists in China