Variety In Vocation


Incorporated For Peace, by Ruth Ann Hanley

Pamela Becomes A Shepherd, by Arthur McNally, C. P.


They Call Him “Our Rabbi,” by Ruth Goldboss And Raeann Berman

Man Of Today: The Role Seeker, by Louise Trevisan, M.M.


I Stopped Being A Cynic, by Marilyn Judd

The Mayor Is A Priest, by Susan Lyons Middaugh

Philonilla’s New Way Of Life, by Bette Lux

Leaders Must Be Listeners, by Augustine P.. Hennessy, C.P.

Current Fact: Our Basic Vocation: To Foster Life

Prime-Time Control, by George Gent

Stage, by William Griffin

Screen, by Jerry Cotter


One Thing Necessary, by Rosemary Haughton

Sign Post; by Cronan Regan, C.P.

Like You, Dad, Just Like You, A Poem by Mariana Brierton

A New Look At The First Holy Week, A Review by Hilary Sweeney, C.P.

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