Criticism And Praise, by Arthur McNally, C.P.

Current Fact And Comment:

The Puzzled Suburbs, by Jeremiah Kennedy, C.P.

Bicentennial Blues, by Jerome Mangan, C.P.

“Let Freedom Ring,” by Kenneth Walsh, C.P.

Sign Post, by Joseph Gibbons, C.P.


Christ Has No Love For Pain, by Juan Arias

Voice In The Wilderness: An Interview With Archbishop Camara by Oriana Fallaci

If God Loves Diversity, Shouldn’t We?, by Andrew Greeley

God’s Family: Five Poems

The Magic Grandmother, A Story by Madeleine Costigan

St. Francis Going To Santa Maria Degli Angeli, A Poem by Harriet Delavan

Christian Hope In A Land Of Despair, by Alan Paton

The Youngest Of The Great Religions, by Sister Maria Del Rey


“Taxi Driver,” by Gabriel Moran, F.S.C.

Television Is People, by Bill Donnelly

“Hostage To The Devil,” by Francis S. MacNutt, O.P.

How To Pray, by Mary Sullivan