Ulster’s Troubles, by Patrick McDonough, C.P.

Current Fact And Comment:

Reinstating Former Priests, by Christopher Collins, C.P.

Learning The Hard Way, by Jerome Mangan, C.P.

Papal Surgery, by Damian Towey, C.P.

Sign Post, by Salvatore Riccardi, C.P.

Confession Today

Information vs. Gossip

Bobby Sands


Christians And The Arms Race, by Tom Cornell

Sisters In Prison, by J. T. Ryan

Future Church, by Patrick McDonough

Christopher Wren’s Cathedral, by Trevor Holloway

Privacy, by Orlo Strunk

Death Penalty, A Story by Claire O’Brien


Getting Inside Beckett, by Gabriel Moran

“Joan Of Arc: The Legend And The Reality,” by Pam Robbins

Summer Musing, by Janet Cassidy