The Sign, June 1927

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“God’s in His Heaven, All’s Well With the World”… Father Harold Purcell, C.P.

Current Fact and Comment: The Vatican not Concerned

-Manning Again Regrets-The Reds in China

-Condemnation of Immoral Books-For Better Understanding

-The Colosseum Cross-The Flood Sufferers

-Catholic Theatre Movement.

Wanted: More Comedy… Allan R. Whitner.

Who Slipped? Miss Hoyt Makes a Strange Discovery… Jessie F. Edgerly.

Gemma Galgani: The Progress of Her Cause for Canonization… Benjamin Wirtz, C.P.

Categorica: As Set Forth in News and Opinions… N. M. Law.

The Passing of Puritanism. First: The Welsh Country Chapel… Stanley B. James.

The Sign Post

Archconfraternity Comment

“I Am For It”… Edmund B. Maloney.

Calvary: Eleventh Chapter in the Highway of the Cross… Placid Wareing, C.P.

The Chinese Story Teller… Winifred A. Feely

Lindbergh’s Mother and Another

The Seven Days: As Recorded in the First Two Chapters of Genesis

Woman Leadership: The Civic Obligations of Catholic Women … A. J. Reilly

On the Death of a Young Man… J. Corson Miller

The Jersey Devil… Marion Pharo Hilliard.

Mane Nobiscum, Domine… John Gray

The Holy of Holies: The Appeal of Jesus Crucified… Francis Shea. C.P.

A Solitary Novelist: Three Novels By Montgomery Carmichael… Donald Attwater

Our Junior Readers

The Passionists in China

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