The Sign, June 1930 Vol. 9 No. 11.

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An Announcement… Father Harold Purcell, C.P.

Current Fact and Comment: A.S.L.-“Born of God”

-The Country on it’s Own Feet-Page Father Matthew

-Jewish Rabbi on Pope’s Encyclical

-Waning Influence of Women-Pius XI on Immodesty in Dress.

Categorica… N.M. Law

How Master Sylvester the Priest Was Called… Gabriel Francis Powers

Medical Miracles… P.W. O’Gorman, M.D.

The Right to Kill… P.E. Hallett

The Crook’s Friend… James B. Yealnts

Judas… Peter O’Rourke

Moscow Unveiled… Charles F. Ferguson

Point Counter Point… E.M. Almedigen

The Cleansing Years… Kate Randle Menefee

The Sign Post

Figures of Padre… Jerome B. Hannan

Some Catholic Aspects of Sex Education… Letita Fairfield

Underarmed… Catherine M. Bresnan

Eastern Wisdom… Robert Petrock

Some Irish Humor From Ultser… Cathal O’Bryne

Hymn… Theodore Manyard

From Communism to Catholicism… Todd McGinsky

Know Yourself… Mary E. McGill

A Visit to the World… Donald Gleeson

The Two Sisters… Aileen Mary Clegg

They Have their Pride… Jerome Harte Bosman

A Little Story of the Cross… F. Jerome, O.S.B.

Educator: Ecclesiastic: Editor… Clarence Buckhardt

Index to Worthwhile Books

The Passionists in China  [For a pdf of the following four articles click on this link]

Raphael Vance C.P., “Letters form out Missionaries; Home Again,” pp. 697-699.

“Deaths of Bp. Versiglia and Fr. Caravario: From Central China Post Hankow, March 31, 1930,” pp. 700-702.

[For an abstract essay of the above three articles written by Ms. Nadia Wohlgemuth click on this link. There is a short introduction

For an historical summary by Ms. Nadia Wohlgemuth which includes content from June 1930 articles click on this link. It includes an introduction

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