The Sign, June 1932

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Across this Editor’s Desk… Harold Purcell, C.P.

Current Fact and Comment: An American Industry Vested and Powerful

-Two Hundred of Them, and Only a Beginning

-The Methodists go in for Liturgy

-The Centennial of the Oxford Movement

-Present Position of the Church in Sweden

-The Lay Teacher on the Street Corner

-Prince Von Buelow Justifies Pope Benedict XV

-“Major General of the Pie Brigade”

-Wall Street Must Clean House Quick

-Toasts Within the Month.

Categorica… N.M. Law

Will Power Versus Lust… Frank H. Spearman

The Oldest Catholic Republic… Neil McBrearty, C.P.

Trith and Sincerity… Albert F. Kaiser, C.PP. S.

Song… Florence Harrison

The Miracle… Gabriel Francis Powers

Before a Crucifix… Lillian Any Powers

William Cecil… Hilaire Belloc

The Prescence… Sister Miriam

Teresa of the Child of Jesus… Gerald E. Ward

Second Marriages… Adrian Lynch, C.P.

A Strange Candidate for Sainthood… John M. Ducey

Seeing and Believing… Ferdinand Valentine, O.P.

Friend… John Bunker

The Sign Post Questions: Answers: Communications

The Divine Craftsman… Charles F. Ferguson

Legend… Dorothy Fenwick

The Place of the Sinner… Daniel B. Pulsford

Our Gaelic Strain… Daniel M. O’Connell, S.J.

Porous Plasters and Wooden Legs… Ig Nikilis

A Sack of Potatoes… Enid Dinnis

Notes on New Books

The Passionists in China

Gemma’s League of Prayer

Bowling Acquaintance With a Bonzess… Michael A Campbell, C.P.

A Pagan Sidelight on Death… Edward J. McCarthy, C.P.

The First Baptism at Ngan Kiang… Gregory McEtterick, C.P.