The Sign, March 1927

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Current Fact and Comment: The Purpose of Lent

-Science and Religion Again-Paul Claudel-Forward China!

-Young Suicides-Pre Marriage Agreements

-Protestants and the Confessional-Our Special Folly

The True Cross… Dr. Francis Whitaker

The Apostate… Eleanor Rogers Cox


The Sign Post

The Fiery Cross… Then. A. Thoma

Acrobatic Anglicans… Grant Morgan

Archconfraternity Comment

The Lithostrotos… Placid Wareing, C. P.

The Angelus… P. J. O’Connor Duffy

Redeeming the Time… Francis Shea, C. P.

A Lily Grew In Galilee… M. C. Kelley

Our Junior Readers

With the Passionists in China

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