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At Grips With Reds… Most Rev. Cuthbert O’Gara, C.P.

Current Fact and Comment


Not a Commodity… George Stuart Brady

No Golden Christ – Poem… Bertrand Weaver, C.P.

King George V and the English Monarchy… Denis Gwynn

This Heart and Mind – Poem… Louise Crenshaw Ray

Mexico Sees Red… Randall Pond

A Bill of Separation… Raymond P. Lawrence

Columkille, Irish Saint… Noel MacDonald Wibly

The Roots of Crime… Lawrence Lucey

Woman to Woman… Katherine Burton

The Face of God – Story… Marie O’Dea

From Catacombs to Cubism… Victor Luhrs

The Passionists on China  [The following link allows you to read the article below “Reds Ravage Hunan”

[In 2022, Aidan Guarnuccio, an undergraduate at the University of Scranton wrote the following historical essay on Sign Magazine and China. You are invited to read a short introduction followed by his paper.]

Reds Ravage Hunan  pp. 474-478.

[The following link provides a bibliographic review of the above article by Aidan Guarnuccio

Gemma’s League – Archconfraternity of the Passion p. 479.

The Ringing of the Bell – Story… Auleen Bordeaux Eberhardt

The Strength of Islam… Hilaire Belloc

The Sign Post: Questions and Communications

Economic Progress and Distribution… Msgr. John A Ryan, D.D.

The Two Sentries… John Gibbions

Words for a Rose – Poem… LeGarde S. Doughty

The Romantic Hellenist…Arnold Lunn

Catholic Laymen of Action (Gen. Charles Ewing)… Peter Guilday

St. Joseph Prefigured… Joseph I. Schade, S.T.L.

Mexico and Colombia… Jerome D. Hannan

The Red Judas – Serial Story… Douglas Newton

The Passion and the Poets… Daniel B. Pulsford

Notes on New Books