Concern For Common Welfare

With A Sense Of Mission

The Church Is An Oak Tree, by Charles A. Curran

An Ancient Culture Comes Alive, by Sister Maria Del Rey

With Creative Imagination

Let’s Unmask The Face Of Violence, by Daniel Maguire

Sherlock Holmes And The Environment, by Norman M. Davis

With Fraternal Patience

To Be Considered A Brother, by Norbert Dorsey, C.P.

A Hierarchy Of Equals, by Charles Fecher

The Last Of Potch, by Margaret Mary McGovern

Caring Calls For A Long Reach, by Augustine P. Hennessy, C.P.

Current Fact And Comment

Stage, by William Griffin

Screen, by Jerry Cotter

Two To Remember, by George Gent


To Chief Running Deer, A Poem by Ken Kruzel

As Viewed by The Bright Eyes and The Memory Of Eyes, Two Poems by David Strickler

Sign Post, by Cronan Regan, C.P.

Wisdom Is Never Out Of Date, A Review by Augustine P. Hennessy, C.P.

Book Reviews