The Sign, May 1924

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Current Fact and Comment: Christ and the Poets-The Sign of the Cross

-Abolishing the Caliphate-The Mother of Saints

-“Write your Congressman”-Mr. Reed and the Towner Smith Bill

-The Passionists in Brooklyn.

Our New American Cardinals in Rome… Mary L. Handley

The Case of Miss Maintion… Hugh F. Blunt, LL. D.

The Influence of American Catholics Abroad… Vincent Logan, C.P.

The Poet in the Garden… Thomas Walsh

Congress and the Immigration Problem… Charles A. McMahon

To St. Rita of Cascia… Hamilton Craigie

Penitent: Apostle: Founder… Gabriel Francis Powers

The Sign Post

The Advice that Counts… Anslem Secor, C.P.

Flowers of the Martyrs… Catherine Bresnan

Mary, Our Patroness

The Passion in Jerusalem… Syphrien Jourdan, C.P.

The Appeal of Jesus Crucified

Junior Readers

With the Passionists in China

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