The Professor who Saved St. Louis, by Shirley Feltman

A Conversion, by Ralph Woods

Latin America’s Eleventh Hour, by Gary MacEoin

Do-It-Yourself Is the Style in Ghana, by Jean Gartlan

Photographer’s Search for Greatness, by Douglas J. Roche

The Story of a Bride, A Picture Story

This Is How We Read, by Mary Louise Hector

And a Seabird Calling, by Leslie Gordon Barnard

Two Church-State Errors, by Ralph Gorman, C.P.

Current Fact and Comment

Stage and Screen, by Jerry Cotter

Will TV Debates Last? by John P. Shanley


Woman to Woman, by Katherine Burton


Eighteen Chances to be Wrong. by Red Smith

Sign Post, by Adrian Lynch, C.P.

Book Reviews

To a Chagga Rose, A Poem by Rev. P. MacCathonhaoil