With Mixed Emotions, by Patrick McDonough; C.P.

Current Fact:

Pope And Jesuits, by Damian Towey, C.P.

Closer To Christian Unity, by Christopher Collins; C.P.

Banning Books, by Jerome Mangan, C.P.

Sign Post, by Theophane Cooney, C.P.

Sacredness Of The Mass

Burial Of Suicides

Self-knowledge Of Jesus


Missionaries, Marxism & Murder, by Julie Sly

God’s Written Word, by Donald Senior, C.P.

General Pinochet’s Chile, by Fred P. Peters

Death Of An Archbishop, by James R. Brockman, S.J.

What Women Want, by Sybil Nahrgang

East German Diary, by Sigrun Seidel-Petry

From A Woman’s Life, A Poem by Sister Maura, S.S.N.D.


“Missing” And “Circle Of Deceit,” by Gabriel Moran

“The Politics Of Women’s Spirituality,” by Pam Robbins.

Happy Bloomsday, by Janet Cassidy