The Sign, November 1921

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Sunset on Olivet… John Corson Miller

Some Pilgrims Shrines in Spain… Thomas Walsh

A Late Autumn Reverie… Colman Ladd

The Disarmament Conference and Its Obstacles… John McGuinness

Jesus–Hostia… Placidus M. Enclier

Will’s Heiress… John Ascough

Montefalco’s Ghastly Visitant… A Roman Ecclesiastic

Perface for Mass of the Dead

Current Fact and Comment

China Calls

Prisoners of Hope… Thomas McGuire

Whereon They Crucified Him… Hubert Cunningham, C. P.

A Vision of the Day

A Loyal Soldier of Christ

The White Rose of Lucca… Matthew Kuebel

The Query… Nicholas Ward

Archconfraternity of the Sacred Passion

What Do You Know About Indulgences

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