The Sign, November 1925

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Current Fact and Comment: Our Happy (?) Dead

-Responding to the President’s Appeal-Pilgrims at the Holy Stairs

-Preying on Latin Catholics-Our Famine Appeal

-Growth of the Lay Retreat Movement-The Ergo of Statistics

-The King of Society-The Cathedral of Catholicity.

Jesus’ Sanhedrite Friends… Charles E. Hodson

A Return Visit… B.J. Murdock

Categorica… N.M. Law

Now-And-Then… Bertha Ratford Sutton

The Burial… P.J. O’Connor Duffy

Light in the Gloom… Herbert Greenan, C.P.

“Lord, That I May See!”… Naomi Larkin

From a Vatican Diary

The Sign Post

St. Perpetua… Dr. Frederick Joseph Kinsman

Holy Communion

Archconfraternity Comment

The Sense of Proportion… Hugh F. Blunt, LL.D.

Above the Hudson… Elanor Rogers Cox

The Appeal of Jesus Crucified

Our Junior Readers

With the Passionisits in China

Index to Worthwhile Books