The Sign, November 1932 Volume 12 No.4.

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This IS Christian Marriage… Harold Purcell, C.P.

Current Fact and Comment:

-A “Pernicious Foreigner” Serving a “Foreign Power”

-The Reids Recognize Their Strongest Enemy

-A Protesting Voice From Switzerland

-Bigotry: Bought and Paid For

-Black Man’s Burden Along the Mississippi

-Even In Hollywood Wisdom May be Learned

-The Little Pope of American Atheism

-Toasts Within the Month.

Categorica… N.M. Law

“The Holy Valley”… Gabriel Francis Powers

The Real Situation in Germany… Denis Gwynn

Saint Paul and Bruce Barton… John C. Callahan

Where the Dutch Lead… Alice Curtayne

Calix Salutis Perpetuae… Edward James Schuster

The Old Adam and The New Eve… Hugh T. Henry, Litt. D.

God’s Testament… Walter Seton Schmidt

Porous Plasters and Wooden Legs… Ig Nikilis

A Step Sideways… Enid Dinnis

The Great Quarrel… Hilaire Belloc

A Human Document… Dorothy Day

The Third Situation… Matthew Richardson

The Sign Post: Questions and Communications

An Old Challenge Newly Met… Edward F. Murphy, S.S.J.

Psalm: 1932… John Gilland Brunini

The Divine Incendiary… Daniel B. Pulsford

I Join Nicodemus… Francis McNaught Hilton

A Seeing Eye, Lord!… Frances Marie Shannon

The Story… Carl J. Wileshal

The Gay Cavalcade… John J. O’Connor

Notes on New Books

The Passionists in China [For a pdf of the following four articles click on this link]

Cholera Claims Sister Devota… Jeremiah McNamara, C.P. pp. 247-250.

T’Ang Joseph’s First Born… Nicholas Schneiders, C.P. pp. 250-252.

I Reach My New Mission… Timothy McDermott, C.P. pp. 252-254.

[For an abstract essay of the above three articles written by Ms. Alesia Lelaj click on this link. There is a short introduction

Gemma’s League of Prayer. p. 255.