The Sign, October 1923

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Current Fact and Comment

In the Light of the Passion-Envying the Leisure Class-Liberalism Expected-Prohibited Books-The Lay Retreat-The Rosary-Judging Parents-Passionist Appointments-The Klan and the Cross-Valor and Discretion-The Blood Lust-Methodism in Rome

Catholic Ideals of Citizenship… Charles A. McMahon

Penitent: Apostle: Founder… Gabriel Francis Powers

Straight Talks on Marriage… Anslem Secor, C.P.

Veronica… Mary Dodge Ten Eyck

Practical Mysticism… William Moore

Klosterdorf… John Ayscough

The Sign Post

The Flaming Love… Sister Mary Benvenuta, O.P.

Miss Watts… Ernest Oldmeadow

Reasonable of Faith… Reginald Lummer, C.P.

Persecution-Then and Now… Hamilton Craigie

The Mother of Sorrows

The Appeal of Jesus Crucified

With the Junior Readers

With the Passionists in China

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