The Sign, October 1927

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Mission Sunday… Father Harold Purcell, C.P.

Current Fact and Comment: Frauds and Hipocrites

-The Presidency Again-Infanite Paralysis Women’s Dress

-Foreign Mission Brothers-Religion in Business

-Labor and Industry-For the Missions-Cincinnati’s School Problem.

Colored Catholicism… Mark Moeslein, C.P.

Kevin O’Higgins… Dennis Gwynn

Categorica: As Set Forth in News and Opinions… N.M. Law

The Holy Nails… Dr. Francis Whitaker

Some Crimes Against the Fine… Sister M. Elanore, C.S.C.

Sodom and Gomorrha

The Sign Post

Mixed Motives… Mark O’Byrne, C.P.

The Lord’s Supper… Stanley B. James

Old Bells Re-Jangled… Cathal O’Byrne

Watching Christ… Francis Shea, C.P.

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The Passionists in China