The Word Of The Cross:

Made Vital by Jesus

Scriptural Way Of The Cross, by Ronald A. Sarno

Finding The Light; by Donald Senior, C. P.

Proclaimed by His Saints

Wisdom From Wounds, by Silvan Rouse, C.P.

“See How These Christians Love,” by Cyprian Towey, C.P.

With Timeless Relevance

Crisis At Ardoyne, by Ignatius Colum, C. P.

The Legend Of El Cachorro, by Sylva Mularchyk

A Quiet Wedding, by Charles O’Connell

The Word Of The Cross Gives Life, by Augustine P. Hennessy, C.P.

Current Fact And Comment

Stage, by William Griffin

Screen, by Jerry Cotter

Moses–The Law And The Spirit, by Bill Donnelly

Poetry Page

Aging Gracefully, by George Cates And Alice Horton

Sign Post, by Arthur McNally, C.P.

Understanding Death, by Rosemary Haughton

Mary Today, A Review by Michael Brennan, C.P.

Book Reviews