The Sign, September 1922

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Mary in the Crib–Apostrophe

The Blessed Virgin in Spanish Poetry… Thomas Walsh

Very Rev. Fr. Fidelis, Passionist. (James Kent Stone)

Saints and Sinners… Luis Coloma, S.J.

Peccavi… Bernard D. Ward

The Nurse Ideal… Sister Mary Ursula, R.N.

Archconfraternitv of the Sacred Passion

Current Fact and Comment

The Mother of Sorrows… Grace Christmas

The International Eucharistic Congress… Gabriel Francis Powers

Sharing in Management and Profits… Rev. R.A. McGowan

On What Grounds?… Georgina Pell Curtis

Beauty… J. Corson Miller

What Do You Know About The Fruits of Prayer?

With Our Junior Sign Readers

With The Passionists in China

Our Contributors

Our Departed

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