The Sign, September 1923

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Current Fact and Comment

Warren Gamaliel Harding-A Woman on Feminism-Another Sign-None so Blind-The Klan at its Peak-Electricity to the Rescue-Telling it Out-A Field for Advertising-The Angelic Doctor-In the Wake of Controversy-Literary Dishonesty.

Is Science Opposed to Religion?… Reginald Lummer C.P.

Pius XI on St. Thomas Aquinas

The Coal Commission and a National Energy… R.A. McGowan

At the Crossroads… Hugh F. Blunt, LL.D.

Penitent: Apostle: Founder… Gabriel Francis Powers

The Macedonian Cry Repeated… John J. Hickey

Three Poems on the Sacred Passion…Sister M. Benvenuta

Two Common Fallacies

The Stroke Invisible… Hamilton Craigie

The Inspiration of the Missions

Straight Talks on Marriage… Anslem Secor, C.P.

The Sign Post

Miss Watts

A Notable New Book… Thomas J. Lawler

The Appeal of Jesus Crucified

With the Junior Readers

With the Passionists in China

With Our Little Missionaries

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