The Sign, September 1924

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Current Fact and Comment: Grooming an Empire-The Papacy as History

-Following for the Faith-Re establishing History-“The Field is the World”

-A Chinese Native Clergy-From “Venerable” to “Blessed”

-Exaltation of the Cross-Foster Parents-Keynon’s Centenary.

The Passion of the Mass… The Archbishop of Toronto

A Rampant Evil… Wilfred Broidie, C.P.

When Scotland Was Catholic… Dom Michael Barrett, O.S.B.

Sanctum Signum… John J. Quinn

The Woes of the Rich… Halliday Sutherland

Weak Backs… Hamilton Craigie

Bishop Boyle Sees It Through… Aidian Bennett

The Sign Post

Mother M. Theresa Margaret… Boniface Connolly, C.P.

Categoria… N.W. Law

Our Lay Auxiliary

Her Second Son… Florence Gilmore

The Gate of Dreams… Catherine M. Brensnan

The Appeal of Jesus Crucified

Our Junior Readers

With the Passionists in China

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