The Sign, September 1926

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Current Fact and Comment: The Repercussion

-Evangelical Competition-The End and the Means

-The Poet’s Sphere-The Founder of Christian Science

-The King of Spain at Oxford- Fernanil Portal

-Political Affairs in China-The Mexican Problem

-Chinamen and Bishops-Whither Russia?

The Chinese Campaign… By Fra Taddeo

The Mexican Equalitists… By Augustine McNally

Categorica… By N. M. Law

Neighbors… By Felicia Curtis

The Seven Dolors of Mary… By Sister M. Emmanuel, 0. S. B.

The Sign Post

Gethsemane… By Placid Wareing, C. P.

Archconfraternity Comments

Trees… By Norman Kelly, C. P.

Tulee Castle… By Genevieve K. Griffin

Mexico … By James J. Griffin

A Worker’s Prayer… By John B. Mullin

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With the Passionists in China

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