The Sign, September 1931 Volume 11 No. 2

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Concerning the Sign… Harold Purcell, C.P.

Current Fact and Comment: Sunday Comes Back in Russia

-What is Catholic Action?

-Federal Council Investigates the Movies

-Colombia’s “Church of the Air”-They Really Do Believe It

-“Will America Become Catholic?”-The Red Cross and Acts of God

-A Catholic Physicians’ Guild of America-Toasts Within the Month.

Categorica… N.M. Law

The Reds and American Labor… Frank Duffy

The Green Pastures… R. Shardy Post

The Connecticut Complex… Valentine Hill

One Partner: No Divorce… Adrian Lynch, C.P.

Sanger, Lindsay and the Rest… R.C. McWilliams

Catherine of Aarogn… Hilaire Belloc

Encyclical… Clifford J. Laube

Starting a Novenah in the South… John Gibbions

Rose and Company… Brother Catjetan, C.F.X.

The Sign Post

Brother Ugolino’s Ladder… E.Vincent Wareing

The Heart of Mary… Sister Mary Imelda, O.P.

Porous Plasters and Wooden Legs… Ig Nikilis

The Provincialism of Protestantism… Theodore Maynard

A Layman Looks at Science… Edward L. Coveney

Tin Gods and the Limit… W.J. Blyton

The Unwelcome Guest… Annette S. Driscoll

The Man at a Distance… Daniel B. Pulsford

Harvest… Richard A. Weffle, S.J.

Notes on New Books

The Passionists in China [For a pdf of the four following articles click on this link]:

[For a bibliographic review of the following three articles by Benjamin Jones click on this link]

White Boys in Yellow Skins… Michael A. Campbell pp.117-119.

Yungshun… Theophane Maguire, C.P. pp. 119-122.

Eyes East… Silvan Latour, C.P. pp. 122-126

Gemma’s league of Prayer p. 126.