The Sign, September 1934 Volume 14 No. 2

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A Message From the New Editor… Theophane Maguire, C.P.

Current Fact and Comment:

-The Tragic Death of Dolfuss

-The Catholic Priest Sticks to His Job

-The Drive Against the Movies Continues Unabated

-A Warning Against Bogus Agents

-A Modern Angel of Mercy

-The Strike Situation Demands Action

-The Perennial School Problem

-Toasts Within the Month.

Categorica… N.M. LAw

Europe Re-Arms… Denis Gwynn

Talking About Wages… Gerhard Hirschfeld

-And the Deep Sea… Enid Dinnis

Transiens Viator… Francis MacManus

Henry IV of France… Hilaire Belloc

Artist to the King… Agnes Roberts Martin

Abel: Priest and Victim… Hebert McDevitt, C.P.

Our Lady’s Birthday… Frances Marie Shannon

The Sign Post: Questions and Communications

The Passionists in China [For a pdf of the following four articles click on this link]:

Retreat for Chinese Catechists… Antoine de Groeve, C.P. pp.  95-96.

Farewell to Sabina… Francis Flaherty, C.P. p. 97.

Fighting for the Faith… WIlliam Westhoven, C.P. pp. 98-99.

Gemma’s League of Prayer. p. 100.

Catholic Canada’s Four Hundredth Birthday… P.W.Browne, Ph.D.

Confessors… Julester Shrady Post

The Dog and the Professor… A.R.Bandini

Sinner of Yesterday… Mary E. McGill

Woman to Woman… Katherine Burton

The Parochial School… A Non Catholic Mother

A Psalm for Confirmation… John Gilliand Brunni

On Ringing Out the Old… Charles Willis Thompson

Mothers Don’t Understand… Edmund B. Maloney

Catholic Terms Defined… Donald Attwater

Why I am A Priest… Francis Woodlock, S.J.

Balance Sheet of Adolph Hitler… George Ryphins

Notes on New Books