America: Cozy but Fearful, by Douglas J. Roche

The Senate’s Reluctant Boss, by Paul Healy

Napoleon of the Roadways, by William J. Smith; S.J.

Pope John’s Gift to Mankind, by John F. Cronin, S.S.

A New Kind of African, A Picture Story

A New Road Back for the Workers, by John C. Cort

Quicksand of Easy Credit, by William J. Whalen

The Penance of Truth, by Hilary Sweeney, C.P.

Tapping the Love in Youthful Hearts, A Picture Story

And So–Good-by, by Bernard Sabath

We ARE Our Brothers’ Keepers, by Ralph Gorman, C.P.

Current Fact and Comment

Stage and Screen, by Jerry Cotter

One Way to Meet the Stars, by John P. Shanley

The Legend of Ernest Hemingway, by George Cevasco

Book Reviews



Poems for September

Woman to Woman, by Katherine Burton

Of Blowfish, Butterfish, and No Fish, by Red Smith

Sign Post, by Adrian Lynch, C.P.