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Thomas Berry Collection at Harvard University

Eleven volumes of Thomas-Berry Indices covering the author’s life, publications both print and media, correspondence, and related programs, institutes, and projects, including the creative arts, are housed at Harvard University in the Environmental Science and Public Policy Archives. Many Thomas-Berry documents are also available at the Harvard facility. Curator of this division of the Harvard collections is Dr. George E. Clark, Littauer Library, North Yard, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA 02138, 617-495-2106, [email protected]. Replications of the Indices will soon be available at Elon University, Elon, NC.

A Table of Contents for those volumes is reproduced below.

Volume One (Sections 1 – 12)

2)Journals, Calendars, and Passports2
3)Books and Parts of Books (By Date)3
4)Books and Parts of Books (By Alphabet)4
5)Articles, Papers, Lectures (By Date)5
6)Articles, Papers, Lectures (By Alphabet)6
7)Published Articles (By Date)7
8)Published Articles (By Alphabet)8
9)Short-Form Titles of Books/Articles (By Date)9
10)Short-Form Titles of B/Articles (By Alphabet)10
11)Topics and Themes of Writings11
12)The Riverdale Papers12

Volume Two (Sections 13-21)

13)Guidesheets (including the Twelve Principles)13
14)Book Reviews by Thomas Berry (By Date)14
15)Book Reviews by Thomas Berry (By Alphabet)15
16)Poems by Thomas Berry16
17)Tapes and Video Cassettes17
19)Dissertations on Thomas Berry’s Works19
20)Articles About/ Interviews With TB (By Date)20
21)Articles About/ Interviews With TB (By Alphabet)21

Volume Three (Sections 22-26)

22)Reviews of Thomas Berry’s Major Books22
23)The Riverdale Center (1968 – 1995)23
24)Affiliations and Former Students24
25)Board Service and Other Offices Held25
26)Honorary Degrees and Other Awards26

Volume Four (Related Programs, Institutes, Projects: Part One)

IAcademic Associations1
IIIRural/Urban Communities3
IVOther Ecological Organizations4
VReligious Life5
VIResources for Children6
VIINewsletters and Other Periodicals7

Volume Five (Related Programs, Institutes, Projects: Part Two)

VIII Creative Arts and Artists

  1. Architecture, Painting, Sculpture
  2. Dance and Music
  3. Drama
  4. Fiction
  5. Non-Fiction
  6. Film (See Audio-Visual Sections)
  7. Poetry

Volume Six (Correspondence I)

Correspondence 1930-1977

Volume Seven (Correspondence II)

Correspondence 1978-86

Volume Eight (Correspondence III)

Correspondence 1987-

Volume Nine (Miscellaneous)

Volume Ten (Pictures)

Childhood and youth>>>>Passionist vocation
Education>>>>Army (Germany)
North American Indian>>>>Edith Stein Guild
Riverdale>>>>Seton Hall University
St. John’s University>>>>Fordham University
The Teilhard Association>>>>The United Nations
Costa Rica>>>>St. John the Divine
80th birthday>>>>Award receptions
World Bank>>>>Harvard Rel/Eco
Thomas Berry Foundation>>>>The Final Phase

Volume Eleven (Thomas Berry Foundation)

1)Constitution of the Thomas Berry Foundation1
2)IRS Documents for Non-Profit Status2
3)Financial details3
4)FORUM Activities (including TBF Projects)4
5)Miscellaneous Correspondence5