Historical Reflections

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2007-2008:A Year Teaching in China: Background and Reflections by Father Rob Carbonneau, C.P.
July 2007:Healing the Contemporary Five Wounds of St. Joseph Monastery Parish by Father Rob Carbonneau, C.P.
April 2006:Taking Up the Cross: A Reflection by Jess Myers, Passionist Volunteers International, Jamaica, West Indies
2004:Black History Month Essay by Robert Carbonneau, C.P.
Advent 2003:Passionist-Irvington, Maryland Infancy Narratives by Robert Carbonneau, C.P.
Lent 2003:Lenten Bible Story by Robert Carbonneau, C.P.
2000-2001:Sesquicentennial Reflections by Robert Carbonneau, C.P.
1981:Reflections on Holy Cross Province by Roger Mercurio, C.P.