From the Archivist

Fr. Morgan P. Hanlon, C.P.

Papua New Guinea’s Gift to the Archives

St. Michael’s Residence, Union City, NJ, home of Passionist Missionaries, Compassion magazine, and the Provincial Archives has recently been privileged to host Fr. Aidan Kay, C.P., of Holy Spirit Province and Ossima Mission, Diocese of Vanimo in Papua New Guinea.

Aidan added a great deal to our small community during his stay. While here he celebrated his 25th Anniversary of Ordination. In addition Aidan was of tremendous assistance to the Archives staff during his visit putting in several days of hard work moving boxes and containers. Aidan had commissioned a film to be made professionally about the Australian Province’s New Guinea mission. Before leaving New Jersey he had the film transferred to VCR cassettes and gave a copy to our Archives.

Thanks Aidan! It was really great knowing you and sharing with you.

For Your Information

A comparison of the average ages of the delegates to the First and Second Missionary Congresses is worthy of note. At the First Congress, held January 25-27, 1894 in Pittsburgh, PA, there were only 6 delegates over 50 years of age. In the Second Congress, held May21-24, 1956 in Jamaica, NY, there were 45 over 50 years old. The papers read at the First Congress were given by the following Fathers; their age is listed in parentheses: Very Rev. Fr. John B. Baudinelli, Provincial (59), Rev. Joseph Amrhein (46), Rev. Robert McNamara (42), Rev. Alphonsus Rossiter (46), Rev. Charles Lang (55), Rev. Fidelis Stone (54), Rev. Mark Moeslein (40).

In the Second Congress, the ages of those who delivered papers or formal addresses are as follows: Very Rev. Ernest Welch (53), Rev. Linus Monahan (79), Very Rev. Felix Hackett (54), Very Rev. Clement Buckley (55), Rev. Leonard Gownley (54), Rev. Alfred Duffy (61), Very Rev. Carrol Ring (55), and Rev. David Bulman (43).

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