1856 Membership Statistics St. Paul of the Cross Province from The Catholic Directory

Diocese of Pittsburgh

[p.233] St. Michael’s (German) Birmingham -Rev. Stanislaus Parzyk, Passionist

[p. 236] Passionist House Near Pittsburg, PA
Rev. Dominic Tarletini, Superior
Rev. Anthony Calandri
Rev. Albinus Magno,
Rev. Stanislaus Parzyk
Rev. Luke Baudinelli

There are now five priests, seven students and four lay-brothers in this community.
The house has been very much enlarged.

Peter Magagnotto, C.P.

[p. 240] Archdiocese of San Francisco and Diocese of Monterey
Marysville, Yuba Co., St. Joseph-Rev. Peter Magagnotto, P.D.N.